Daftar Istilah Internet yang Digunakan Oleh Netizen Korea



씹덕(10덕)/씹덕상(10덕상) sshibdeok/sshibdeoksang =stan attractor/stan attractor feel
입덕 ibdeok =enter the fandom
탈덕 taldaeok =leave the fandom
여덕 yeodeok =female fans
남덕 namdeok =male fans
덕후/오덕 deokhu/odeok = otaku/fan
성덕 sungdeok = successful fan
홈마 homma = fan site manager
팬싸 paenssa =fan sign
타팬 tapaen = other group’s fan
머글 meogeul = muggle/ fan of no one/ normal person
메보 mebo =main vocals
음방eumbang =music stations
응원봉 eungwonbong = lighstick
악성개인팬/악개 akseong gaeinpaen/akgae =individual fans but like to bash other members
마이웨이 my way =acting like he pleases


스브스 seubeuseu =SBS
엠카 emka =Mcountdown
쇼챔 shyochaem =show champion
유스케 yuseuke =Yoo Hee Yeol’s sketchbook
슴 seum =SM
제왑 jewab =JYP
와쥐 wajwi =YG
혐석 hyumsuk =Hyum Suk (coming from 극혐=disgusting)
덞엠 deolm-em =WM entertainment

노답 nodab =no hope/no comment
노이해 no ihae = don’t understand
노잼 nojaem =not fun
노관심 nogwanshim = no interest


ㅗㅗ: giving the middle fingerㅠㅠ: crying emoticonㅜㅜ: crying emoticonㄷㄷ: sound when shaking (expresses feeling of surprise/shock)ㅋㅋㅋ: kekeke, lolㅎㅎㅎ: hahaha, lol
ㅇㄱㄹㅇ= this is legit (from 이거리얼)
ㅁㅈ= right (from 맞아)
ㅇㅈ= agree (from 인정)
ㄴㄴ= no no (from 노노)
ㅈㅉ= really (from 진짜)
ㅉㅉ= tsk tsk
ㅅㅂ= f*ck (you guys can guess this one ^^;)
ㅄ= f*cker/retard (from 병신)
ㅁㅊ=crazy (from 미친)
ㅎㄷㄷ=boiling with anger (from 호덜덜)
ㄱㅊ=it’s ok (from 괜찮(아))
ㄳ = thanks (from 감사(합니다))
ㅈㄹ = the truth (from 지린(다))

열폭 akpug =exploding with inferiority complex
까이다 gga-ida =diss/swear at someone
관종 gwanjong =attention seeker
악플 akpeul = cyberbullying/ write malicious comments
언플 eonpeul =media play
억지다 eokjida =stretch/reach
오바 oba =too much/overreaction/over the top exaggerated
발연기 balyeon-gi =acting with one’s foot= sucks at acting

갓 gat = god
넘사벽 namsabyeok =4th dimensional wall that you can’t cross over
설레 seolle =heart fluttering
리즈시절 lijeushijeol =golden days
5959 ogu ogu =ogu ogu (like aigoo aigoo)/ cute
ㅇㅇ이즈뭔들 XX ijeu mwondeul =XX is everything
깡패 ggangpae = literally it means gangster, but it’s used to describe someone who excels in a field, it can be used in other contexts too like :
노래깡패 norae ggangpae = pro at singing/
콘샙깡패 konseb ggangpae =pro with concepts/
어깨깡패 eoggae ggangpae = large shoulder gangster
실력파 shireokpa =known for their skills
심쿵 shimkung =heart attack
예지력상승 yejiryeok sangseung = vision increased
꿀잼 ggumjaem = really funny/interesting/amusing

솔까 solgga =seriously/honestly
또라이 ddora-i=freak
울컥 ulkeog =rage
모태솔로 motaesollo =forever alone
초딩 choding = immature/little kid
shibal = f*ck
과사 gwasa =past pictures
프사 peusa =profile pictures
셀고 selgo =can’t take selcas
패완얼 Paewaneol = face completes the look
Chaebol: extremely wealthy person
Daebak: awesome, amazing
Hul: huh?, what! (expresses some feeling of shock)
Hwaiting/fighting: good luck (words of encouragement)
Jjang: the best, awesome
Jjang jjang man: best/awesome person
Sunbae: senior, term used on someone older/more experienced than you (in work, school)
Hoobae: junior, term used on someone younger/less experienced than you (in work, school)
Goguma: It means sweet potato but can describe something as frustrating
Cider: It means soda but can describe something as refreshing


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