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Kumpulan OST & Background Music Drama The K2


1. “The K2 Main Theme” Various Artists
2. “Today” (오늘도) Kim Bo-hyung
3. “Sometimes” (아주 가끔) Yoo Sung-eun
4. “Amazing Grace” Yoona
5. “Love You” Min Kyung-hoon
6. “As If Time Has Stopped” (시간이 멈춘듯) Park Kwang-sun
7. “Anemone” Jan
8. “The With and the Girl” Various Artists
9. “Mirror Mirror” Yang Sun-mi
10. “Wolf Knight” Yang Sun-mi
11. “Quando Corpus Morietur” Various Artists
12. “Wolf’s Song” Yang Sun-mi
13. “Serenade” Yang Sun-mi
14. “Witching Hour” Various Artists
15. “The Witch’s Advice” Kim Min-young
16. “Der Rosenkavalier” Various Artists
17. “Agaisnt the Odds” Various Artists
18. “A Queen of the Forest” Various Artists
19. “Anna’s Appassionata” Various Artists
20. “Anemone” Yang Sun-mi

1. The K2 Main Theme

2. Kim Bo Hyung – Today

3. Yoo Sung Eun – Sometimes

4. Yoona – Amazing Grace

5. Min Kyung Hoon – Love You

6. Park Kwang Sun – As If Time Has Stopped

7. Jan – Anemone

8. Various Artist – The Witch and the Girl

9. Yang Sun Mi – Mirror Mirror

10. Yang Sun Mi – Wolf Knight

11. Various Artist – Quando Corpus Morietur

12. Yang Sun Mi – Wolf’s Song

13. Yang Sun Mi – Serenade

14. Various Artist – Witching Hour

15. Kim Min Young – The Witch’s Advice

16. Various Artist – Der Rosenkavalier

17. Various Artist – Against the Odds

18. Various Artist – A Queen of the Forest

19. Various Artist – Anna’s Appassionata

20. Yang Sun Mi – Anemone


1 thought on “Kumpulan OST & Background Music Drama The K2”

  1. Does anybody know the name of that song or “Chant” that happens in The K2? IT SOUNDS JUST LIKE THE BANE CHANT IN THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, they straight ripped it off I guess, but oh well, i would love to hear the whole version of it. Watch Episode 7 – – ANYBODY?


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