Urutan Member Red Velvet Tercantik Dalam Setiap MV


Hi, Fellas! I’m back again with my new Red Velvet Ranks. This post might contain unpleasant words, but still i’m being honest as possible. This is purely my unbiased opinion, Cheers!



  1. Irene. She looks fresh and youthful looking.
  2. Wendy. Throwback at the time when wendy is still being called as visual of RV. WENDY MY VISUAL QUEEN, I MISS YOUR NO BANGS STYLE A LOT. Dulu pas mereka baru debut banyak orang yang bingung ngebedain mana visual RV yang sebenernya, karena Wendy itu sama cantiknya dengan Irene. jajaja
  3. Seulgi. Dia unyu banget di MV ini huhu.
  4. Joy. Throwback lagi disaat Joy masih keliatan kalem dan super imut. Dibandingkan dengan style nya di MV Happiness, style nya yang sekarang justru beda banget, jauh. Well that’s not the bad thing anyway! I’d still like her style until now

Ice Cream Cake


  1. Seulgi. She stands out the most in this mv. Menurut gue ICC itu era terbaik nya Seulgi selama jadi member RedVelvet. Hairstyling, Fashion nya di MV maupun pas era ICC juga oke banget.
  2. Irene. Kalo irene mah gausah diomong lagi, mau diapain juga dia tetep cantik. Hehe.
  3. Joy.  Bisa dibilang scene nya joy  itu bagian favorit gue yang ke-2 di MV ICC setelah Seulgi. Rambutnya ituloh, goals banget! Ya even tho her make up isn’t that neatly looking or typically flower girl look compared to the others, she still looks beautiful.
  4. Wendy. She looks so pretty in this mv, imo. Her style is so classy
  5. Yeri. I’m so confused whoa. She’s as pretty as the others but then i don’t know which position should i placed on her. I’d like to refer her styling as cute. Because yeah, it’s the first era when she’s being introduced. Of course she should look more cute rather than ‘maturely’ pretty. Well, it’s just my opinion anyway.

Well to be honest All of The Members are all pretty in this MV. I’m having a hard time to chose who’s gonna be the first & the last.

Dumb Dumb


  1. Irene. Insanely stunning.
  2. Seulgi. She’s the real girl crush idol y’all. Her existence could snatch me bald.
  3. Joy. PRETTY
  4. Yeri. She’s so cute in this MV.
  5. Wendy. Uh Oh idk what to say. She still looks pretty even with messy hair

One of These Nights


  1. Joy. Sumpah tuh ya, dia cantik banget di MV OOTN. Banyak orang korea yang bilang kalo visual nya Joy itu mengalami perkembangan semenjak era ini dimulai. Well, i do agree about that. Dia bahkan dijadiin center nya RV di photoshoot teaser mereka. LOL. Style nya dia disini juga mature, cantik banget dah pokonya.
  2. Yeri. Definitely hairstyle goals! Her visual is glowing tbh. During these era i saved a lot of pictures of her. Lmao. Bahkan gue jadi punya folder khusus foto – foto nya Yeri.
  3. Wendy. CLASSY AF QUEEN. You still wear those bangs of yours, i hate. But still, i like it. Buat Wendy stan diluar sana, jangan marah ya kalo gue protes tentang poni nya Wendy. Karena ya pada dasarnya gue lebih prefer wendy tanpa poni. Without those bangs on, she could pass as an visual, bruh. When will SM realize. #JusticeForWendy
  4. Irene. She’s pretty, as always. But her style in the MV is kinda plain compared to her appearances on the other MV.
  5. Seulgi. Bruh. What’s wrong with RV’s hairstylist really? She’s totally being overshadowed in this MV.

Russian Roulette


  1. Irene. What do you expect? Even based on the teaser pic we can tell she’s the prettiest lmao.
  2. Yeri. Cuma dia satu-satunya member yang styling nya keliatan normal. Hahah
  3. Wendy. Ucul, dah gitu aja.
  4. Joy. She looks pretty and tragic at the same time. What’s so tragic about her? Her bangs.But her visual is stil shining, anyway she’s way making too much derpy face on the mv. Lol



  1. Joy. Her style looks so normal, i couldn’t complain more. So she’s going to replace Seulgi as the FOTG, huh? It’s so obvious. She is being placed as center of RV lately.
  2. Irene. Pretty but child-like looking.
  3. Yeri. Cute
  4. Seulgi. She’s slowly starting to get rid of her bangs, i’m grateful.
  5. Wendy. No Comment.

Be Natural


  1. Seulgi
  2. Wendy
  3. Irene
  4. Joy


OK GUYS, that’s all. Forgive me if i’m being too harsh about my opinion or whatsover. Anyway i’m not responsible in case if you got offended. I’m also hoping RV’s styling will get better in their next comeback, let’s pray so. Have a nice day!



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