Rekomendasi Lagu DAY6


1. Out Of My Mind

“I think I’m out of my mind, this isn’t right”

2. I Wish

“I wish I were happier. Every single day my wish is the same. Nobody can,
 No one can shake me. “

3. First Time

“For the first time, I say goodbye to you”

4. How Can I Say

“I hate me now
I hate myself for being like this
For feeling so comfortable”

5. I Smile

“But today, I smile
Even though it hurts, I smile
In front of you
I pretend that I’m fine
I pretend that I’m okay
I have to.”

6. Like That Sun

“Forget everything, put it all down
Trust me and follow me”

7. I’m Serious

“Because of you
I’m just burning up”

8. Sing Me

“Even though time travels fast, don’t ever forget me.”

9. My Day

“Hold onto me
My day that has filled up with you.”

10. Man In a Movie

“When we meet eyes
Like we’re stars in a movie, beautiful
I hope this moment continues”


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