Drama Review: Come and Hug Me


I’m gonna spoil something to you guys. It’s about the new ongoing drama called “Come and Hug Me”, you know it? In case if you haven’t watched it before, then watch— because it’s highly addicting! So far the storyline is good and I liked how is it written.


Jang Ki Yong as Chae Do Jin / Yoon Na Moo

Jin Ki Joo as Han Jae Yi

Heo Joon Ho as Yoon Hee Jae


A man and a woman who were each other’s first loves during childhood reunite years later as adults. In his childhood, Yoon Na-moo was a seemingly quiet and mysterious boy whose father was a psychopath serial killer. He meets his polar opposite in Gil Nak-won, a daughter of a popular actress. Through Nak-won’s persistence and stubbornness, Na-moo falls into a reciprocated love. But, when Na-moo’s father Yoon Hee-jae, a man who has a twisted affection for his son, murders Nak-won’s parents their short love comes to an end.

Years later Gil Nak-won is now Han Jae-yi, an aspiring actress (like her mother before her) who always tries to have a good outlook on life, but also has a panic disorder from her traumatic past. And Yoon Na-moo is now Chae Do-jin, a rookie detective who wishes to atone for his father’s sins. These two would-be lovers have held on to the precious memories of when they were together but, connected by a tragic fate they must try to overcome the stigma and hardships they will face.


One day I just scrolling lazily towards my twitter timeline and found out a little piece of this drama. I looked at the teaser pic and I was like, yeah okay…? It must be another boring lovey-dovey drama but girl, I was wrong! The week after they released a teaser clip about it and I watch it without dozing off. Man… those trailer clips are unbelievable. I think I’m gonna set my schedule to watch the drama when it’s airing. Turns out that the drama has a genre of Thriller and sort of romance.

This drama is like a mystery box, you’ll not going to be satisfied if you’re judging based on the poster alone. I saw the cast named Jang Kiyong, and I kinda think twice. Really? He’s still a rookie but why risk-taking to be a male lead? Is he THAT good? Okay, prejudice again. I remember him from Go Back Couple (a 2017 drama) and he’s playing as the handsome senior. Yeah, I liked him. I admit it that he’s handsome!

Look at those face

I already watched 10 episodes so far, and I can say: This drama is freaking good! DEFINITELY A. MUST. WATCH. DRAMA. ever. Fyi in this drama, Jang Ki Yong played as a student of police university then later become a lieutenant.

Well damn.

Every actor and actress in this drama amazes me though, they’re really immersed in their character. I have to say something to the child actors acting, their chemistries are great.

The scenes of Main Couple’s teenager version.

The girl who played Jin Ki Joo’s little version is pretty, I think I saw the resemblance of her and Kim So Hyun when she froze. Ryu Han Bi is her name, I’ve never seen her before but her acting is good. I can see the potential in her

There she is. Ryu Han Bi
Sooo pretty!

The actors acting are amazing without doubt, and guess what? We get to see this handsome little actor again, Nam Da Reum! Just like his name, he’s beautiful and he’s everywhere near successful dramas.

“You know a drama is successful when there’s Nam Da Reum in it.”

Boy, I was hoping he gets to stare at drama as an actual main actor not just the lead’s little version. He always has that sophisticated look that makes viewers drawn to him.

The cinematography in this drama is very amazing and enchanting. I’m looking forward to the next episodes and I hope the writer doesn’t mess up with this drama. I think this drama is literally Jang Ki Yong’s lifetime work. I seriously never thought that he’s gonna be this good at acting because he’s a model turned actor. I think he deserves the spotlight as a rookie actor.

As for Jin Ki Joo, her face somehow looks familiar. I think I saw her somewhere other than this drama & her recent movie, Little Forest. I remember her being an annoying girl character but I forget the drama’s name. Lel. Maybe I’ve mistaken her for someone else.

Come and Hug Me is airing through MBC’s network channel. Previously, they aired The Great Seducer and it flopped so hard that it gets the lowest rating drama in public broadcast TV. It is such a huge leap to them from The Great Seducer to this drama. Come and Hug Me’s rating keeps increasing everytime it airs. And I hope it maintains its good storyline & they’re not gonna fcked it up like any other dramas.


I also read someone else that the writer supposedly cast Nam Joo Hyuk & Suzy for this drama. Thank god they didn’t accept it. I can’t imagine how cringe it is when NJH spoke in dialect accent or Suzy talking with her annoying ass aegyo. This drama suits Jang Ki Yong and Jin Ki Joo far more than good.

Here’s some picture from the scenes stills. Hope you enjoy it!





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