–  –  you must be cold  t o be a q u e e n.  



2OO1 / 10 / 04.

My name is Ratna Emilia, often called as Ratna or Huisian. I was born and raised in Indonesia, more specifically in Tangerang City. I’m a high school student, currently in sophomore year (11th grade). I mainly described myself as a private person yet outgoing, weird isn’t it? The more you know me, the more open i am.

I interested in so many things. I love graphic design, and i do have a passion for that. My original dream was to be a graphic designer. But i don’t think i can fulfill my dream to be a graphic designer anymore because i’m totally uninterested in DKV major.

Other than graphic, I love writing stuff like journal, blogs, notes, and many more. Ever Since i was a kid i always find something like that is amusing, that’s why I’m really interested in blogging and spend so much time to write a blog. I made this blog on purpose so that i can share everything to anyone.




Things I Like.

MOVIES Thriller | Sci-Fi | Romance

MUSIC RnB | EDM-House | Alternative | Alt-Rock

Major Crush.

ACTORS Kim Soo Hyun | Yoo Ah In | Ji Chang Wook | Go Soo | Seo Kang Joon | Yang Yang | Jing Boran | Eddie Peng

ACTRESS Kim So Hyun | Gianna Jun | Kim Yoo Jung

IDOLS/SINGER Krystal Jung | Kim Taeyeon | Chou Tzuyu | Kang Seulgi | Jung Chaeyeon | Song Mino | Kim Sejeong | Kim Myung Soo | Wang Junkai







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