–  –  you must be cold  t o be a q u e e n.  


#about me.

2OO1 / 10 / 04.

ratna emilia // huisian.

i’m indonesian and i’m a girl ( of course. lol ). i’m an graphic design & korean drama enthusiast. my kind of music? i like kpop, rnb, future, house music, and OF COURSE, edm! eventhough i like kpop, doesn’t mean i like all of the song. i hate hearing some kpop songs too because it sounds too bubbly and childish. yo i’m being too honest here. forget about all those kpop thingy, i’m actually a kind of person that doesn’t speak much – kind of introverted? but i’m not actually shy. i’m also a heavy thinker duh. it’s hard to be a thinker, so many negative thoughts accrosing your mind and you’ll ended up thinking negatively, LITERALLY ABOUT EVERYTHING. what about my personality? INTJ. they said INTJ is the most rare personality in this world ( even for girl, it’s hard to find ), but in reality there’s so many INTJ girl & boy spreading on the internet, maybe because they prefer playing internet rather than involved in any activities on real life, jfc. i’m actually a very open minded person, trust me LOL. 

things i interested in :  graphic design, space / astronomy thing, movies & dramas, music, law, psychology, fashion, etc.


遠く離れていても 目を閉じれば ほら,  心はそばにいる

#ultimate biases (girl).

#ultimate biases (boy).


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